Pole Saw Review

I really can’t imagine that most of you have a crane or a lift like the dude in the picture so trimming your trees can be a bit tough.  Unfortunately the tool I am going to share with you won’t completely mitigate the use of a pro for bigger jobs but if you have some shorter or smaller trees you can probably benefit from this tool.

The tool of which I speak is a pole saw!  I really didn’t realize how easy these things were to use.  I had always just called a service to come out and trim my trees but recently I moved to a home that only has a few trees, all of which are fairly small.  This means that I can reach almost all the way to the top by using a pole saw.

The way they function is that there is a string and pulley system that you pull on to cause the jaws of the saw to cut all the while you are standing below the tree safely on the ground.  They run about forty bucks so they really are affordable and if you averse to heights these will really come in handy.   If you have a bit more money to spend they actually have come out with a pole saw that incorporates an actual miniature chainsaw which can make really quick work of removing branches or limbs.

If you are looking to save some money on your next tree trimming I would highly recommend one of those two options for sure.

Fiskars is the brand that I purchased but there are lots of great brands out there.