No home is a home without it’s tools

Do you consider yourself a handy person? Yeah, I don’t consider myself either. However, a recent leaking shower accident reminded me that I must have some form of a toolbox around. With the necessities of course. So I surrounded myself with the people whom I consider experts in the area (my father and my uncle). For there was a question I had to ask: what tools does every home need to have?

Great place to keep your tools organized.

Tool royalty

I’m talking about a hammer and a wrench. I was happy to realize that I know what those look like. But not just any hammer and any wrench. It has to be a claw hammer (the one that has a bent, sharper end on one side) and an adjustable wrench (the one that likes to do it all). They are, naturally, followed by royal servants: a screwdriver set. Luckily, as the name suggests, these are usually sold in sets, so you can acquire all different shapes and sizes. You know, for all those nails and…well, screws. Which you also need.

Counts and earls

Next on the list would be pliers, tape measure and a utility knife. Personally, I have no problem with a utility knife, I already used it in my creative endeavors. But, when it came to pliers, I needed more help. Those beautiful people that invent tools were thinking of people like me. So they invented adjustable locking pliers, the kind that likes to do majority of the work, a lot like the adjustable wrench. A tape measure is a tool that I remembered my parents using to measure my height when I was a kid. Same could be used to measure everything else, not just children.

The royal guard

This is where it gets scary. Electric drill. Hacksaw. Now, these you don’t necessarily have to have. As I was informed, you can always rent some of the tools if the need asks for them. For me, these two shall be rented. Hopefully, I’ll never see them in my life, except maybe from afar. The drill is a handy tool for drilling holes and driving screws quickly. And a saw for cutting all sorts of hard materials. Both also seen in a variety of horror movies.

The box

One thing to connect them all. Your tools shall serve you well and you should return the favor. Tuck them nicely in a box after using them. And if all else fails, a flashlight, some scissors and the ultimate weapon – the duct tape – are the way to go. Good luck! I know I’ll need it.