Tech Productivity Tools You Can’t Live Without

When talking about business and professionalism, there are some things that must be included, things which play an important part in laying the base of a business and deem it successful. Since the evolution of technology, the world has gone fast and to cope up with it, it had become necessary for businessmen and entrepreneurs to evolve along with it. To help them with their work, tech tools were invented which not only helped with their productivity but also saved them time and energy so to could do more and work more.

Office 365

To start off with the basics, this tool helps you with all the presentations and documentations which would require tons of software to buy and download. This product will provide all of it in a single pack. Writing a business report, making a meeting presentation or producing annual company expenditure on a spreadsheet would have never been easier if it was not for this software. It does not only help with documentation but also comes with wide varieties of facilities such as online storage and sharing; where one can store their important documents and media files and share them with anyone, as well as video conferencing which enables them to hold company meeting remotely with their team and share ideas. It is a good choice for a company regardless of their size or strength.

Workflow Max

This tool is designed for the sole purpose of job and time management and it is beneficial for a company as a whole or an individual client as well. This app comes with low pricing and lots of features that gives you a helping hand in your business. Assigning jobs and tracking the progress of your employees has never been easier. This tool not only helps you keep track of your workers but also boosts your time management and efficiency. Many experts and entrepreneurs believe that it would have been a lot harder for them to reach their success if they did not know about this product. This fact was proven by a recent survey which concluded that using this software save the user around a month of time per year and $22,000 a year.


This app is an essential if you are a productivity expert. With Skitch, sharing ideas with your team becomes a lot easier and efficient. All it requires is an electronic device like a computer or a cell phone and an internet access to share with your team. You can share your ideas by sketching, pictures, and annotation, as well as shapes, to shape your idea. This is way your ideas and improvement becomes a lot easier for others to understand and comprehend thus, saving a lot of time on meetings and discussions.

With these apps and software, experts, businessmen, and entrepreneurs excel in their work and keep up with their complex and busy schedule whilst maintaining their efficiency, energy, and productivity.

Safety (Extended)

This one is for all of you handy people out there. So, you have your little (or not so little) working corner. You have filled it with all the necessities. Now, it’s time to use all of that. But before you do, listen to a word of advice. This one concerns your electric tools.

There is no such thing as being too safe

It may seem boring to you and you probably already heard it. However, safety precautions when using power tools are a poem that needs to be learned by heart. Although we’ve already written about safety measures when operating with tools, this piece is dedicated specifically to electric ones. Make sure you follow these guidelines and you’ll be good to go.

Before you start

Inspect your tools carefully. Any damage, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant, is not welcomed. Your tools must be in perfect condition. Before connecting your tools to the power source, make sure they’re turned off. And always use appropriate clothing (nothing hanging around, no jewelry, long hair should be tied up). Also use safety goggles and/or helmets and gloves. One more thing: only operate the tools that you know how to operate. Read the instruction manuals carefully. It’s worth it.

The ambiance

Your work station/place should be filled with light, so that you can see clearly. It must be neat and clean. And stay away from the water and leaking sources! Never use these tools in damp conditions, ever!

Power away

When using the power tools, give them your full attention. No chatting while working! Also, never work if you’re feeling down the weather, or if you’ve been drinking. Don’t rush and don’t lean over. If you must move around, always turn the power tool off. Use the tool for what it was supposed to be used, don’t try to improvise. If your tool becomes jammed during work, turn it off (and unplug it). Only then seek for a solution.

After you’re done

Check the tools again to see if there was any damage made. This also applies to the cords. Especially to the cords. Damaged ones should be replaced immediately. Make sure you’ve turned your tools off and that you’ve unplugged them. Then start cleaning them up. Put them in a dry and safe place ‘till the next project.

Remember, treat all your tools with care and respect. In return, they’ll accompany you in whatever endeavor you wish to indulge yourself into.


I use to work as a certified plumber back when I lived in Macomb County, Michigan. We used an electric drain snake and I had a really close call using it.  When we were backing the snake out of the drain we were a bit too heavy on the foot pedal that controlled it and the end of the snake came flying out and came about 2 inches away from smacking me in the face.  Always go slow an steady if you ever use an electric foot pedal drain snake!

Understanding your tools better

All of us wanted to be a handy person at one point in our lives. Be it because we’ve seen some amazing DIY project or simply because we needed something to be fixed (and quickly). In order to achieve the noble title of a rookie in this game, you must first know the basics. Think of this as a sort of a quick lesson in the theory of handiness. First stop: the tools you use.

The game of tools

Most of us will know the difference between power and hand tools. It’s simple. Power tools are the electric tools, whereas hand tools are those easy-going-everybody-has-them tools. Which ones you will (have to) use depends on the work that needs to be done. It’s pretty safe to state that if your interest goes as far as to just fixing minor issues in your home, a nice set of hand tools is enough. If you are a crafty person, however, you might also want to consider having some power tools laying around as well.

Power tools offer speed which is important especially for bigger works. They also require you knowing how to use them properly to avoid injuries. Hand tools offer you a job better done. Doing things by the hand will make whatever you’re crafting (or fixing) way better than power tools. Some works simply go easier with hand tools. There are always some small, tricky parts and pieces that are better off to be done with precision rather than speed.

No need to say that the best option would be to have the necessities from both groups. We’ll talk about these tools in greater detail some other time.

Matter of investment

It seems natural to presume that hand tools are cheaper than power tools. And if you are not kin on woodworking and craftsmanship, you’ll be using your tools occasionally. There is no need to invest a lot of money in shiny new power tools if they are just going to be put on the shelfs, never to be used. Plus, hand tools are much safer to use and easier to get accustomed to and maintain.

Tools do (not) make a handyman

It’s important to know each piece of the tool you have. To understand what it’s for and what it can do. There is no need to fill your garage up with fancy new brands just to pursue your dream of being that DIY guru you want to be. Investing in tools should be done the smart way. For starters, assemble the basic – the necessary tool box every household should have.

Safety First

So, you decided to dedicate your free time doing something productive? That is always a good idea. And maybe, that creative outlet is woodworking or just tinkering around your home. So many things can be upgraded, so many improved with just a little bit of effort.

We strongly encourage you in your endeavors. Being handy around the house is truly rewarding besides being practical. Creating something for your home is even better. Before you get all industrious and hardworking, there are some precautions you are advised to take care of.

What is your weapon of choice?

Depending on the work that needs to be done, you will either choose hand tools or power (electric) tools. Or both. Either way, you always have to make sure that all of the tools are safe for use. They mustn’t be damaged in any way.

Make sure that you’re not getting over yourself and only use the tools you are sure how to use. Sure enough, there is a sea of YouTube videos of how to use certain tools. If you like being self-taught, we advise you, just go small at first. Master a new skill and only then go wild. If not, ask for some help. Besides, it’s always more fun having some company while working, right?

Whatever instruction guide comes your way, make sure you take the time to study it. Don’t slack off. Not only will it help you better understand what needs to be done, it will also help you do your project at a higher quality. And quality is very important here.

Dressing for the occasion

Like a responsible motor cyclist, you too should invest in the gear. We’re talking goggles and safety gloves which are a must. If you’re not shy from using power tools, some ear protection seems like a good idea. Protection shoes and helmets are also a valuable part of the gear. True, it sounds like a whole uniform. Trust us, uniforms are good.

Clean tools are happy tools

After using your tools, make sure to clean them and check them for any damage. Later on, put them all in the same place, dedicated just for them. Being neat is a part of being handy. After all, no work will be done efficiently and effectively if every time you have to snoop around for some missing tools.

What else is left to be said except we wish you a good luck in all of your future projects! We’re sure they’re going to be awesome!

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job


You would not use a hatchet to split a ten-inch diameter log. Similarly, you will not try to drill a three-quarter inch hole in a cement floor when you have a quarter inch drill. You will hear many people bad mouthing a tool because it did not provide an excellent service while they are the ones who are the problem. They made the wrong choice of tool for the job they were to carry out. Most tools have their particular purposes, and they need not do other roles that they cannot provide the right results. You will start encountering problems when you use a tool for the wrong purpose. It is in the human nature to blame the manufacturer or the tool when the fault is with the user.

There is always an exception in the usage of tools similar to all other life events. For example, you can have a drill that you have been using for many years when drilling holes in metals and cement walls. You can also be having a drill that you have been using to screw hardwood and it is working fine after many years. Such tools are still exceptional to providing you with service. You may wonder why such tools have not been failing when you call them up for service. It is because they are exceptional and they can still serve you for long.

All tool manufacturers have tool specifications like RPM, capacity, size, weight, amperage, and much more. These specifications are in place so that you can choose the right tool that will suit your purpose. In many occasions, price becomes the determining factor, and you may end up purchasing a device made for a different purpose. When you do not read through specs to determine if the tool is right for your functions, you are preparing to fail in your job. Do not put the blame on the manufacturer.

In most cases, a little overkill is not a bad aspect. When it comes to selecting tools, although the weaker one will perform the task, a stronger one will work better as it will not stress the tool. The length of your tool’s life will depend on the stress you subject it to on a daily basis. Bigger is always better when it comes to tools. The stronger, more powerful, and bigger the tool in use is, the easier the job, as a result of less stress, and the longer the tool will last. When you are planning for your next job, consider purchasing the right tools for things to work out right.

No home is a home without it’s tools

Do you consider yourself a handy person? Yeah, I don’t consider myself either. However, a recent leaking shower accident reminded me that I must have some form of a toolbox around. With the necessities of course. So I surrounded myself with the people whom I consider experts in the area (my father and my uncle). For there was a question I had to ask: what tools does every home need to have?

Great place to keep your tools organized.

Tool royalty

I’m talking about a hammer and a wrench. I was happy to realize that I know what those look like. But not just any hammer and any wrench. It has to be a claw hammer (the one that has a bent, sharper end on one side) and an adjustable wrench (the one that likes to do it all). They are, naturally, followed by royal servants: a screwdriver set. Luckily, as the name suggests, these are usually sold in sets, so you can acquire all different shapes and sizes. You know, for all those nails and…well, screws. Which you also need.

Counts and earls

Next on the list would be pliers, tape measure and a utility knife. Personally, I have no problem with a utility knife, I already used it in my creative endeavors. But, when it came to pliers, I needed more help. Those beautiful people that invent tools were thinking of people like me. So they invented adjustable locking pliers, the kind that likes to do majority of the work, a lot like the adjustable wrench. A tape measure is a tool that I remembered my parents using to measure my height when I was a kid. Same could be used to measure everything else, not just children.

The royal guard

This is where it gets scary. Electric drill. Hacksaw. Now, these you don’t necessarily have to have. As I was informed, you can always rent some of the tools if the need asks for them. For me, these two shall be rented. Hopefully, I’ll never see them in my life, except maybe from afar. The drill is a handy tool for drilling holes and driving screws quickly. And a saw for cutting all sorts of hard materials. Both also seen in a variety of horror movies.

The box

One thing to connect them all. Your tools shall serve you well and you should return the favor. Tuck them nicely in a box after using them. And if all else fails, a flashlight, some scissors and the ultimate weapon – the duct tape – are the way to go. Good luck! I know I’ll need it.

Pole Saw Review

I really can’t imagine that most of you have a crane or a lift like the dude in the picture so trimming your trees can be a bit tough.  Unfortunately the tool I am going to share with you won’t completely mitigate the use of a pro for bigger jobs but if you have some shorter or smaller trees you can probably benefit from this tool.

The tool of which I speak is a pole saw!  I really didn’t realize how easy these things were to use.  I had always just called a service to come out and trim my trees but recently I moved to a home that only has a few trees, all of which are fairly small.  This means that I can reach almost all the way to the top by using a pole saw.

The way they function is that there is a string and pulley system that you pull on to cause the jaws of the saw to cut all the while you are standing below the tree safely on the ground.  They run about forty bucks so they really are affordable and if you averse to heights these will really come in handy.   If you have a bit more money to spend they actually have come out with a pole saw that incorporates an actual miniature chainsaw which can make really quick work of removing branches or limbs.

If you are looking to save some money on your next tree trimming I would highly recommend one of those two options for sure.

Fiskars is the brand that I purchased but there are lots of great brands out there.